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Floorbot quad 1100

Powerful commercial floor sweeper, scrubber and vacuum
for medium to large open spaces

Stepping into a Cleaner Future


Icon symbolising FloorBotics' adaptive cleaning technology, showcasing versatility in autonomous commercial cleaning.

Adaptive Cleaning

The Quad 1100 features a versatile roller brush that automatically adjusts to different floor types, ensuring optimal cleaning performance across various surfaces.
Icon representing the remarkable efficiency of FloorBotics’ autonomous cleaning technology in commercial environments.

Remarkable Efficiency

With the ability to clean up to 4,000 m²/h, the Quad 1100 sets new standards in robotic cleaning, delivering exceptional efficiency and productivity.
Icon illustrating FloorBotics’ exceptional extended operation time, a breakthrough in autonomous cleaning technology longevity.

Extended Operation Time

A powerful 36 V/200 Ah battery, paired with large capacity tanks, enables the Quad 1100 to operate continuously for 4-6 hours, enhancing productivity.
Icon emphasising the ultimate operational autonomy of FloorBotics’ advanced autonomous cleaning solutions.

Ultimate Operational Autonomy

Designed for autonomous functionality, the Quad 1100 supports a range of automated features such as scheduled tasks and automatic wake-ups, promoting operational flexibility.
Icon emphasising the ultimate operational autonomy of FloorBotics’ advanced autonomous cleaning solutions.

Professional Cleaning Performance

Equipped with advanced brushes, the Quad 1100 minimises blockages and ensures a smooth, fully automated cleaning process, enhancing overall cleaning performance.
Icon showcasing FloorBotics' proficiency in efficient management and comprehensive reporting within autonomous cleaning operations.

Efficient Management and Reporting

Automated report uploading ensures that essential operational data is readily available, simplifying the management process and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Robot

Efficient Robotic Solution For Commercial Floor Cleaning

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Unique Qualities

FloorBot Quad 1100 seamlessly navigating around obstacles, exemplifying advanced detection capabilities.
Icon symbolising FloorBotics' innovative intelligent mapping technology in autonomous commercial cleaning.

Advanced Obstacle Detection

The FloorBot Quad 1100 is equipped with a sophisticated array of sensors, including multi-line lasers, single-line lasers, RGBD, ultrasonic, and anti-collision sensors.
This advanced system enhances obstacle identification accuracy and speed, ensuring the scrubber operates safely whilst minimising potential property damage.
Icon representing FloorBotics' optimised cleaning pathways technology for enhanced autonomous commercial cleaning.

Optimised Cleaning Pathways

Supported by an autonomous driving brain algorithm, the Quad 1100 optimises its cleaning paths. This not only ensures the safety of the scrubber but also maximises cleaning efficiency, allowing for more frequent and effective cleaning cycles.
FloorBot Quad 1100 utilising intelligent algorithms to optimise cleaning pathways in a commercial space.
FloorBot Quad 1100 autonomously cleaning a spacious shopping mall with efficiency and precision.

Extended Operation Duration

The Quad 1100 features a robust 200Ah battery and a combined 210L water and sewage tank, ensuring long, uninterrupted cleaning operations. An automatic charging and drainage workstation further enhances operational efficiency, reducing the need for manual intervention.
Quad 1100 showcasing a variety of versatile cleaning modes suitable for different commercial cleaning needs.
Icon representing the versatile cleaning modes of FloorBotics’ autonomous cleaning robots, ensuring adaptability in various cleaning scenarios.

Versatile Cleaning Modes

The Quad 1100 is adaptable and versatile, capable of handling various cleaning tasks with ease. Its multi-purpose design allows for a range of cleaning modes, making it a powerful and flexible cleaning solution in various scenarios.

Multiple Applications of Automated Robot Systems

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene across various environments is paramount. Whether it's the demanding conditions of industrial setups, the bustling nature of commercial complexes, or the dynamic challenges posed by transportation hubs, the need for efficient and autonomous cleaning solutions has never been more evident.
Enter the realm of autonomous cleaning robots and scrubbers - designed with precision, powered by advanced algorithms, and tailored to address the unique challenges of each scenario. Dive deep into how these robotic marvels are redefining cleanliness standards across different landscapes.
Industrial Context Adaptations
Commercial Environment Strategies
Transportation Hub Approaches
Illustration of FloorBotics’ prowess in adapting to various industrial contexts and cleaning challenges with ease and efficiency.
Industrial Scenario Solutions

In industrial settings, our autonomous industrial cleaning robots merge cutting-edge hardware with intelligent algorithms, targeting typical challenges and catering to customers' cleaning needs.

Customised Cleaning: The robots are adept at addressing intricate ground cleaning needs in industrial environments, thanks to a variety of cleaning modules tailored to the job.
Intelligent Scene Identification: Leveraging cloud scheduling and structured road software, the robots proficiently identify shelves, AGV cars, staff, and other elements typical of industrial landscapes.
Round-the-Clock Operations: With the integration of workstation automatic charging and drainage, the robots are primed for 24-hour uninterrupted cleaning operations.
Through these comprehensive strategies, the autonomous industrial cleaning robots promote unmanned operations, log intricate cleaning data on cloud servers, analyse cleaning trends, and uplift the overall cleaning standards in industrial contexts.
Showcasing FloorBotics’ mastery in offering solutions tailored for various complex scenarios encountered in commercial cleaning.
Commercial Complex Scenario Solutions

In commercial complexes, our autonomous floor scrubbers harness both hardware and algorithms to address characteristic challenges and fulfill customer cleaning aspirations.

Adaptable Cleaning: The scrubber flexibly caters to varied cleaning needs across different time frames and grounds, courtesy of its diverse cleaning modules.
Smart Navigation: With a 360° perception identification system, it smartly recognises pedestrians, stairs, and both moving and stationary obstacles. This ensures safe and steady cleaning trajectories.
Continuous Operations: The workstation's automatic charging and drainage features ensure the scrubber's readiness for 24-hour seamless cleaning tasks.

These multifaceted approaches enable the scrubbers to facilitate automated operations, meticulously log cleaning specifics on cloud servers, study cleaning patterns, and enhance cleaning efficacy in commercial premises.
FloorBotics’ technology optimally configured to meet the unique cleaning demands of various transportation hubs.
Transportation Scenario Solutions

In transportation hubs and facilities, the autonomous floor scrubbers blend robust hardware with adept algorithms to navigate typical challenges and meet cleaning expectations.

Advanced Navigation: The scrubber's 360° perception system identifies pedestrians, stairs, dynamic, and static obstacles, charting out independent obstacle avoidance routes for safe and consistent operations.
Versatile Cleaning: By utilising diverse cleaning modules, the scrubber addresses cleaning needs across varied time windows and terrains typical to transportation settings.
Uninterrupted Service: The integrated workstation automatic charging and drainage guarantee 24-hour continuous cleaning operations.

These well-rounded strategies empower the scrubbers to champion autonomous operations in transportation areas, archive intricate cleaning data in cloud storage, assess cleaning metrics, and holistically elevate cleaning standards in transportation contexts.

FloorBot Quad 1100 Workstation Features

The Quad 1100 Workstation is an optional accessory, complete with a standard charger. It's designed to provide comprehensive support to the FloorBot Quad 1100 robot. Reducing the need for manual interventions enhances operational efficiency and optimises human resource utilisation.
FloorBot Quad 1100 at the workstation, featuring processes such as refilling, drainage, and emptying, exemplifying operational efficiency.


The workstation facilitates water filling for the Quad 1100, ensuring it's always ready for its cleaning tasks.


Efficiently drains any excess spills and water, maintaining the machine's optimal performance.


Provides a hassle-free system for disposing of waste, ensuring the robot maintains a clean operation.

Tank Cleaning

While refilling, the workstation also offers an automatic tank cleaning feature, ensuring the dirty water tank is kept pristine.


Dedicated docking station to recharge the Quad 1100, ensuring it's powered up for its next cleaning cycle.

Clean all types of floors

Soft fabric brush designed to clean itself in real-time ensures efficient dust-mopping on the floor.
FloorBotics’ cleaning robot in action, masterfully navigating and cleaning carpeted surfaces.


PVC vinyl flooring exemplifying a surface that FloorBotics cleaning robots are proficient at maintaining.


Tile flooring representing a surface seamlessly maintained by FloorBotics’ innovative cleaning technology.


Rubble flooring displayed as a challenging yet conquerable terrain for FloorBotics cleaning technology.


FloorBotics Cleaning Hard Wood Floors - Autonomous Cleaning Robot

hard wood

Efficient Cement Floor Cleaning by FloorBotics Robotic Cleaner


Image of Floorbotics floor robot equipment cleaning an epoxy resin floor.

Epoxy Resin

Image of the FloorBotics Robotic Cleaner cleaning a marble floor.


Product Specifications

  • Robot Size1340(L)x1024(W)x1350(H)mm
  • Robot Weight400Kg
  • Battery Capacity36V/200Ah
  • Battery Usage Time4~6h
  • Max Cleaning Efficiency1800㎡/h
  • Clean Water Tank140L
  • Sewage Tank170L
  • Rubbish Bin1.5L
FloorBot Quad 1100 Product Specifications Image

Workstation Specifications

  • Dimension540(L)x420(W)x950(H)mm
  • Net Weight43kg
  • Input Voltage150~265VAC
  • Input Current≤10A
  • Output Voltage Range8~44±0.4V
  • Max Charging Current40±0.5A
  • Water Filling Speed8~11L/min
  • Draining Speed4~7L/min
FloorBot Quad 1100 Workstation Specifications Image

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