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FloorBot VR 35

The most compact commercial vacuum robot
Clean multiple areas in less time
Improving labour efficiency
Enhance the quality of cleaning

Stepping into a Cleaner Future


Automated scheduling
all three at once
All-in-one cleaning solution wiping and vacuuming
Versatile cleaning capabilities for both hard floors and carpet
Autonomous return to the post for unlimited charging
Sensor fusion-enabled autonomous navigation
Customisable Cleaning Zones
No Go Zones
Cloud-Based Platform Management for Environmental Data Monitoring

Streamline Your Human Resources

Smart Detection

Automatic Sensor

Automatic lift-taking enables cleaning between floors, while automatic passing through gates and control devices ensures seamless movement.
Floorbot VR-35 efficiently navigating and cleaning a carpeted surface.

Smart Scheduling

Different Schedules

Provides information on scheduling cleaning mode, cleaning time and cleaning area. Automatically generate a shift work schedule.

Auto Recharging

with charging Station

The robots automatically return to the docking station to recharge when the battery is low.
Floorbot VR-35 in the process of charging at its docking station.

Product Specifications

  • Robot weight5kg
  • Max Walking Speed3ms
  • Cleaning Time1.5 hr
  • Charging Time360 minutes
  • Mopping & Vacuuming Time1.5 hr
  • Cleaning Efficiency700 ㎡/h
FloorBotics VR-35

Clean all types of floors

Soft fabric brush designed to clean itself in real-time ensures efficient dust-mopping on the floor.
FloorBotics’ cleaning robot in action, masterfully navigating and cleaning carpeted surfaces.


PVC vinyl flooring exemplifying a surface that FloorBotics cleaning robots are proficient at maintaining.


Tile flooring representing a surface seamlessly maintained by FloorBotics’ innovative cleaning technology.


Efficient Cement Floor Cleaning by FloorBotics Robotic Cleaner


Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin

Marble Floor Cleaning - FloorBotics Robotic Cleaner


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