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FloorBot VR 40

Powerful commercial floor sweeping and vacuuming robot
Cleaning floors humanless
Improving labour efficiency
Enhance the quality of cleaning

Revolutionary AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Automated scheduling

Streamlining Operations with Efficiency

Unlimited Charging

Autonomous return to the post for unlimited charging

Sensor Navigation

Enhancing Autonomous Navigation with Integrated Sensors

Customisable Cleaning Zones

Tailor cleaning to specific areas, optimise resources, and enhance efficiency for diverse cleaning needs

Versatile cleaning

For hard floors & carpet. Efficient, powerful suction & adjustable settings simplify your routine

Cloud-Based Management

Efficiently monitor environmental data for real-time insights.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Robot

Efficient Robotic Solution For Commercial Floor Cleaning

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Hurricane Force Suction Power

Experience the power of Floorbot VR 40, the ultimate carpet cleaning solution designed to provide exceptional suction power and hands-free convenience.
With up to 20,000Pa suction power, Floorbot VR 40 rivals even the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaners, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

3L Dustbox for Extended Cleaning Sessions

The Floorbot VR 40 boasts a 3L dustbox capacity, ideal for collecting substantial amounts of debris and dirt. This size is tailored for mid-scale industrial settings, ensuring that cleaning can proceed with minimal interruptions, maintaining consistent and efficient operations.
3L Dustbox for Extended Cleaning Sessions - FloorBot VR 40

Experience Extended Cleaning with the Floorbot VR 40

Equipped with two detachable batteries, each operating independently, the Floorbot VR 40 delivers a remarkable runtime of up to 200 minutes. 
This allows you to seamlessly clean an expansive area ranging from 500-800m² in a single session. Say goodbye to frequent pauses and recharge interruptions, and embrace efficiency with the Floorbot VR 40 industrial cleaning machine.
Convenient Auto Recharging - FloorBot VR 40

Convenient Auto Recharging

With its advanced functionality, the Floorbot VR 40 automatically returns to the charging station when its battery is low.
There's no need to worry about the robot finding its way back, as the Floorbot VR 40's intelligent navigation ensures a seamless return to the charging dock.

Versatile Solution for Medium-Sized Spaces

The VR-40 is a versatile cleaning robot that has many practical uses. It is ideal for commercial spaces, office buildings, large apartments, warehouses, and more. This robot is designed to fill the gap in the market for medium-sized cleaning robots, providing a standardised and efficient cleaning solution for spaces up to 1000㎡. By automating cleaning tasks, it reduces the need for manual labour and saves valuable time.

Clean all types of floors

Soft fabric brush designed to clean itself in real-time ensures efficient dust-mopping on the floor.
FloorBotics’ cleaning robot in action, masterfully navigating and cleaning carpeted surfaces.


PVC vinyl flooring exemplifying a surface that FloorBotics cleaning robots are proficient at maintaining.


Tile flooring representing a surface seamlessly maintained by FloorBotics’ innovative cleaning technology.


Efficient Cement Floor Cleaning by FloorBotics Robotic Cleaner


Image of Floorbotics floor robot equipment cleaning an epoxy resin floor.

Epoxy Resin

Image of the FloorBotics Robotic Cleaner cleaning a marble floor.


Product Specifications

  • Robot size(L*W*H)376x372x365mm
  • Robot weight11.3kg
  • Dust tank capacity3L
  • Hightest cleaning efficiencyUp to 1600㎡/h
  • Cleaning Time(min)Up to 200mins
  • Cleaning Area in One Full CycleUp to 1000㎡
FloorBot VR 40 Product Specifications Image

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